David Wiskowski Photography

David Wiskowski Photography

Claire Holroyde

I am a writer, visual designer, and storyteller living in the Philadelphia metro area.


Inspiration & Thematic Exploration

Everything has a beginning. My manuscript has lived many lives and evolved into a very different creature. But the seed came in the form of a newspaper article in summer of 2004, just a minor blip in the Science section. Planet Mars was about to make a “close pass” to Earth and observatories around the globe were celebrating.

Couldn’t this be dangerous, I thought. Why are all these people in the photos smiling?

The reporter was quick to alleviate any fears within a few paragraphs. “Close” was very relative; the actual distance had too many digits to remember. But the idea of colliding cosmic bodies tickled my imagination.

What if Mars made a closer pass than expected? What if it got really close? How far does Earth’s gravitational force extend? If there was a threat, would it be covered in the media or would it be kept from the public? How would civilized society react to an apocalypse set on a timer?

I wrote a short story with cinematic glimpses of people all over the world struggling to comprehend their fate and survive in the ensuing chaos. Two years later, I designed a mock newspaper as my design degree thesis at Rhode Island School of Design, reporting on the end of our planet as it collides with Mars and the Moon. It wasn’t until 2016 that I revisted the cosmic collision theme for long form.